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List of state issues to focus on:

  • Pass constitutional sanctuary resolution in every red state and county promising to block unconstitutional edicts of a governor or president.
  • Fight all immoral lockdown and mask mandates, as well as other unlawful COVID restrictions, including the ban on families visiting seniors in nursing homes.
  • Force state legislatures to pass election integrity laws
  • Nullify Biden’s unlawful executive orders.
  • Block deployment of state’s National Guard for Biden’s private military junta in D.C.
  • Strengthen Stand Your Ground and self defense laws, including the rights of motorists attacked by BLM rioters.
  • Prevent refugee resettlement in red states and counties.
  • Ensure that Biden’s transgender policies have no place in the state and county.
  • Protect our privacy from Big Tech
  • Break the Monopoly of the Bar Association on the legal and court systems
  • Work with county governments to create a sheriff’s posse training locals to help guard security and the Constitution from private or public bad actors.

List of action items for Liberty Strike Force:

  • Run for local office.
  • Create weekly local print/electronic publication updating people on good and bad policy decisions happening in county and state affairs.
  • Meet with local officials and attend public meetings to have a presence in counties and states.
  • Conduct research for the team on policy and legislative issues.
  • Organize social media campaigns pressuring members.
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