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Right now, there are raging, out-of-control cultural and political forest fires in our country. We have seen over the past couple decades, particularly this past year, that the answers do not lie in Washington D.C. The federal government is irremediably broken.

Our last line of defense is in the states and counties, specifically in the red states. We are looking for Liberty Strike Force leaders and minutemen who will actively work in their respective states to focus on vital national issues at a state and local level, and take actions to put out the raging fires. Sign up for our Liberty Strike Force and we will match you with like-minded patriots in your state, so you can form your own strike force group and begin pressuring, educating, meeting, talking, writing, and perhaps running for office.

The following items are some issues that we think require immediate patriot mobilization in the states and counties to restore ordered liberty in our great country:

List of state issues to focus on:

  • Pass constitutional sanctuary resolution in every red state and county promising to block unconstitutional edicts of a governor or president.
  • Fight all immoral lockdown and mask mandates, as well as other unlawful COVID restrictions, including the ban on families visiting seniors in nursing homes.
  • Force state legislatures to pass election integrity laws
  • Nullify Biden’s unlawful executive orders.
  • Block deployment of state’s National Guard for Biden’s private military junta in D.C.
  • Strengthen Stand Your Ground and self defense laws, including the rights of motorists attacked by BLM rioters.
  • Prevent refugee resettlement in red states and counties.
  • Ensure that Biden’s transgender policies have no place in the state and county.
  • Protect our privacy from Big Tech
  • Break the Monopoly of the Bar Association on the legal and court systems
  • Work with county governments to create a sheriff’s posse training locals to help guard security and the Constitution from private or public bad actors.

List of action items for Liberty Strike Force:

  • Run for local office.
  • Create weekly local print/electronic publication updating people on good and bad policy decisions happening in county and state affairs.
  • Meet with local officials and attend public meetings to have a presence in counties and states.
  • Conduct research for the team on policy and legislative issues.
  • Organize social media campaigns pressuring members.

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